Petainer – Marketing Communications

The Who

It would be easy to describe Petainer as a plastic bottle manufacturer – but that would be to seriously misunderstand the business.

Petainer is a specialist engineering and technology company. It is an industry leader in the development, design and manufacture of plastic containers made from PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate). With manufacturing plants in Sweden and the Czech Republic – and sales offices in Germany and the UK – it is both an innovative manufacturer of PET containers and a leading consultancy in PET packaging design and technology.

The company has a focus on sustainable technologies and material efficiency which is coupled with a passion for innovation and for taking new ideas from concept through to production. It manufactures a wide range of containers with capacities from 200 millilitres to 40 litres.

So it is a whole lot more than a bottle manufacturer (but it does make bottles!).

The Why

When Petainer was acquired by new owners – a mixture of external investors and the company’s senior management – few people had heard of the company and even fewer appreciated its strengths.

The business had a poor website, no sales literature, no marketing communications plan and no ‘industry image’. It presented the team at Metrix and our colleagues at t2 Studios with a ‘blank canvas’ – but one that needed to be filled pretty quickly. We love a challenge!

Petainer needed to tell manufacturers of food, drink and other products throughout Europe that it could provide the answers to their packaging problems. It particularly wanted to promote sales of an innovative new plastic keg (much more exciting than it sounds – we had one in the office for a while and it was quite a talking point among visitors!). Called the Petainer Keg, it will bring marketing, cost and environmental benefits to the brewing industry (an industry close to the hearts of many of us at Metrix).

The What

Our initial challenge (there have been quite a few since) was to help Petainer put together a marcomms plan which defined the key messages and the key markets – and how we would bring the two together.

Since then we have, together with our partners t2 Studios, worked with Petainer to launch a constantly-updated website, taken the innovative keg to trade shows across Europe, secured media coverage both online and offline to help reposition the business, developed a suite of literature and commissioned independently authored white papers on key topics – and much more besides. And we have done much of this in multiple languages. The website, for example, is presented in English, German, Czech and Swedish (unfortunately not an exact match for our in-house language skills, which cover English, Italian, French and Spanish, so there has been a lot of careful work in translation and proof checking!)

The Wow

By combining creativity and marcomms discipline, we helped Petainer to swiftly establish a presence in the market which reflects both its capabilities and its ambitions. Having ‘conquered Europe’ it is now rolling the marketing communications programme out to tackle the huge potential of the American market.

Nigel Pritchard, Petainer’s group chief executive, said, “Working with Metrix and t2 Studios we have been able to communicate Petainer’s capabilities to the companies and individuals who are key to our future success. The results are already apparent in our sales figures.”