Litre Meter – Strategy

The Who

Established in 1975, Litre Meter is not an ordinary manufacturing company. It has been so successful in developing flowmeter solutions that it has gained a global reputation for excellence. Not only that – its engineers pioneered the development of the Pelton Wheel flowmeter, an accurate and versatile technology that has been used across many industries to measure flow in a variety of low viscosity materials. Litre Meter is also the UK distributor for other flowmeter technology. In short, the company has vast technical expertise. If flowmeters are ‘your thing’, what Litre Meter does is fascinating – exciting, even. Conveying that excitement to people with less interest in the topic is a challenge!

The Why

When it was acquired by the Tasi Group of companies, Litre Meter needed to adopt a more integrated approach to its marketing communications strategy in line with the rest of the group. It wants to develop existing relationships and acquire new business, without duplicating work being done elsewhere in the group. There is little point in doing the same thing twice! So Litre Meter must build and maintain its profile within key industry sectors – concentrating on oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and process. It also wants to promote the additional range of products that it can now offer as a result of the Tasi acquisition. The message really comes down to – whatever the fluid, whatever the flow rate, whatever the pressure, Litre Meter has the meter for the job. Simple. We love simple messages about complex technology.

The What

We worked closely with Litre Meter to develop a marcomms plan which outlines an integrated multi-channel approach to its communications strategy – that’s ‘marketing speak’ for a plan that pulls it all together. The plan needed to take account of the marcomms work of other companies in the group, working to enhance it and not detract from it. Once the strategy was agreed, we set about putting it into action using existing and new channels that include media relations, print and online advertising, email newsletters and social media. It really does give us an opportunity to demonstrate that as an integrated marcomms agency we can – well, integrate marcomms. We work with Litre Meter to write, design and publish a monthly email newsletter. We achieve coverage both online and in printed media to help develop and maintain awareness of the business in its core markets. The results of our targeted press releases are monitored using our unique media matrix. We develop and manage a display advertising campaign in target print media. To cap this off, we manage a social media campaign which includes using Twitter to keep Litre Meter’s reputation at ‘front of mind’.

The Wow

By combining creativity and marcomms discipline with a knowledge of the latest direct marketing and social media techniques, we have helped Litre Meter to maintain and grow its business in its core markets. Our integrated approach has delivered measurable results for Litre Meter without cutting across the work of other Tasi Group companies. Charles Wemyss, Litre Meter’s chief executive, said: “Metrix has provided exemplary marketing services for Litre Meter. Without their involvement we would not have achieved what we have. “Throughout, the team remain calm, focused and professional. Their approach is practical, reassuring and thoughtful. Their knowledge and skill gives me much needed confidence and comfort, which ultimately ensures Litre Meter goes forward. “I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other company in similar circumstances.”