Larkfleet Group – Marketing Communications

The Who

Larkfleet isn’t your average house builder and development company – it is a forward-thinking, innovative company which puts the environment at the heart of everything it does.

The Why

Larkfleet wants the world to know what makes it different. Not ‘the world’ in its entirety but Larkfleet’s world of local authorities, landowners, housing associations and – above all – homebuyers, regionally and nationally. The people who can make a difference to Larkfleet’s future.

It wanted help with its marketing communications, bringing structure to its activities and aligning them with its business goals.

The What

Our work with Larkfleet is on-going – it needs a strategy that delivers a continual flow of sales and new development opportunities, not a one-off ‘big bang’.

The marketing communications activity we carry out for Larkfleet is structured and multi-faceted. It sounds fancy but it is not – just good planning and hard work delivered with flair and professionalism.

Using our excellent writing skills and access to a network of journalists we secure Larkfleet coverage in local, regional and national publications, both in print and online.

We work with Larkfleet’s designers to produce a wide range of communications (because less is most definitely not more) from brochures and newsletters to websites and blogs.

One of the most successful elements of the Larkfleet strategy is the awards programme. It’s something that we helped to create and now we continue to develop and nurture it. Put simply, we find relevant awards we think Larkfleet can win (because there’s no point in entering random awards that there is no chance of winning), we write and submit the entries, and then Larkfleet collect the gongs. Lots of them. So many, in fact, that a large new awards cabinet has recently been added to the reception area at Larkfleet House.

The awards give Larkfleet third party, independent endorsements – which have included Larkfleet’s managing director, Karl Hick, being named an ‘international green hero’ for his part in making Larkfleet the environmentally responsible company that it is.

These awards lead to further media coverage, which leads to increased mentions online, which builds awareness, which gets buyers through the doors. It’s a bit like compound interest, the more you get, well, the more you get. (And to think accountants make it sound complicated. We should have been in finance.)

The Wow

So what does Larkfleet get out of all of this? It gets more buyers coming to its show homes (the sales director once described it as a ‘tsunami of calls to make an appointment’ following a specific, integrated campaign to promote an open day at one of its sites).

It gets more media coverage than you could shake a stick at (though why anyone would want to, is beyond us). It gets good, strategic, creative ideas, then gets help turning them into reality. It gets lots of shiny awards and a buzz out of being named 'the best' at what it does.

It also gets a structured approach that brings numerous marketing communications tools into play, in line with the company’s business objectives. It gets a hard working, dedicated team that believes that if something is worth doing (and why would we do something that isn’t?) then it's worth doing properly (we don't do slapdash or half-hearted.)

Above all else, Larkfleet gets results. Don't just take our word for it. Karl Hick, Larkfleet Group’s managing director, said, “Larkfleet Group has worked with the team at Metrix Marketing Communications since 2006. They are confident and professional marketing communications specialists who consistently deliver results. Their experience and expertise have been central to our continuing commercial success.”